I just spent the last week boxing up things I have not used in the last six months or more into cardboard beer boxes and criss-crossed the same stretch of 1.7 mile road more times than I can count to drop off this treasure at the local thriftshop. 

For the last five years, I have been tucking away my nickel and dimes on my meager musician salary of “two drink tickets and half off a meal” with the ultimate goal of buying a house. In early December, I realized the full potential of my dream, stared it right in its vicious snout and decided to let it go. I finally had enough saved for a down payment, but I just.... don't want it. After careful self-analysis, I feel like I only want a house so I can be relieved of my “space” problem. I simply have too much stuff to fit into a studio apartment, 1 BD, yadda yadda yadda. So maybe that's not the problem at all – maybe the problem is a stuff problem. 

So, I went downstairs and unpacked a box I did not even know what was in it. Nothing in it seemed of immediate use to me, so I decided to put it in a pile for donation. Then I unpacked another. I'm sure you kind reader can foreshadow what happened next – I was soon surrounded by foothills of unfinished projects, rainy day accessories, and bittersweet memories of my past lives. All of a sudden, I could feel the weight of all this baggage that has been in my life, carrying from one place to another; monuments of failure. 

So, here is what I am hoping to do. If it has not been used in six months, and I do not plan on using it in the next six, I am going to give it away or sell it. Clothes, books, kitchen schwag, music gear. Feel free to come by. If its in the pile, and you can carry it away, its yours. 

Chad GosselinComment