1/26/17 Early Winter Tour Blog - Part 2


12:06 pm.  Thursday.  I just restrung the jazzy and put on my new owl print guitar strap from Souldier in Chicago.  It's rad… made from recycled seat belts. How cool is that? 

We spent the large part of yesterday exploring Nashville proper with friend and colleague Adam Dalton of the TN Warblers.  We immediately did what any good traveling musician worth his salt would do, and stopped into Carter Vintage and looked at guitars we shouldn't buy.  While each of us schemed up individual master plans on how to achieve such instrument (sell my car, find a bag of money), we headed over to Party Fowl for some hot chicken. (Couldn't recommend this enough!) 

We kicked off the end of the night with an old college tradition - we watched Walker Texas Ranger the way it's supposed to be watched; as the unintentional greatest satire of all time with a sixer of the local.   

Not much of note, just a great day with friends.  All is right in this guy's tiny world.

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