4/18/17 SPRING TOUR 2017 - PART 1

4/18/17 SPRING TOUR 2017 - PART 1

Tuesday, April 18.  I'm writing this in a warm and reasonable place for once.  Tipico Coffee in Buffalo, NY.   Twenty minutesish ago, we were woken up to four pourovers in tiny mugs, and a bunch of bananas being presented to us by our gracious hosts - Sadie and Charlie.  

We met Sadie yesterday when we stopped by Tipico Coffee after showing up at Mohawk Place some two hours too early for load in. We made up for our lack of sleep by over compensating with caffeine and made quick friends.  After taking notice of our extreme excitement on free refills, she offered us a place to stay.  Sadie moved out to Buffalo some three years ago with her best friend Charlie - also a jazz singer, the one she traveled Italy with - with the promise of seeking adventure.  Letting a pack of traveling musicians seemed to fit the bill.   

Speaking of musicians, we played with a KILLER band last night, Lonestar Sailing.  Holy moly they were good.  Local dudes, only their third show.  I'll be excited to see what those guys are doing down the road.   

The Lonesome did our thing to an intimate crowd of good people, who refused to believe in the reality of a Monday evening.  When we got to our last song - Everytown, USA - I told the story of my favorite local venue, now since closed, TT the Bears.  If you don't support these places, its going to be McDonald's, Walmarts and TD Bank's as far as the eye can see.  I for one, am happy to be in Buffalo; I enjoy that it feels like.... Buffalo! 

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