Holy moly, did we cook last night!  Not something I would expect for the second night on tour.  We did twelve Lonesome tunes, mostly burners, and one Pixies tune for good measure, (hey, we're a Boston band - got to represent).  There's something about the release of 60 minutes of music surrounded by 12 hour van drives, cheap gas station food, with cuts of shallow sleep.  Everything comes out fast, strong, and with conviction.  

We stumbled out of Palmers, and into the remaining corners of nightlife in the Twin Cities, soaking up the after show glow as much as we could before shuffling back to Camp Lonesome for the night.  Bar friends gave hugs, promising to stay in touch while the drunks asked for cigarettes, promising to pay with pocket lint and assorted change.  

When we got back to camp, and I took van seats (Rob's air mattress deflated along with any chance of rest the previous night) while Sam and Luke took their three layers into sleeping bags not quite rated for the cooling Minnesota air.  

Hey, check out this cool guitar!  It's a 1977 Gibson Les Paul Special.  Peffa from The Pefftones was rocking it on stage last night.   

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