Well, I'm a little bummed.  Halloween is above and beyond my favorite holiday.  I miss Merch Girl Amanda, and the excitement of watching adults refuse to give up their youth.  I can't think of a time I have not celebrated this holiday, with at least the bare minimum of a cheap costume, even cheaper beer and a local band.  There's no way to do this without sacrifices though (steady income, healthy food, a clear retirement plan), but I still would not trade this in for the world.  My office day started at 5:25 PM at 1215 Wine Bar and Coffee Lab in Cincy, OH.  How about yours?

With that being said, we've had an absolute blast hanging out in the midwest.  Luke and I got to reconnect with family, (John, Carol, Jeff, Ellen, Darby, Kitty, Bridget and Lucy the wonderpup!).   This is my favorite part of what we do - I get to reopen connections that would just be lost from the tyranny of geography.  I think I convinced cousins Jeff and Bridget to pick up the guitar, so hopefully we'll have another family band out there!

Detroit - holy moly what a night!  We were taken in by Jack Oats and his not manager (she was his manager) Miles.  They were beyond kind to us, offering a place to do laundry, fresh coffee, a home cooked breakfast and introduced us to their city chickens.  I'm predicting big things for these dudes... They have the whole thing; great music, good songs, and dashingly good looks.  Think Fleet Foxes meets Black Keys.  Check them out!  This was one of the coolest nights we've had on tour; Electric Honey ripped it up, provided the PA, a crowd of hungry locals and a killer performance.  This is what DIY is all about; a bunch of people who are doing this for the love of live music.  

As it so happens, we stumbled upon one of the only feather bowling leagues in the country.  It's a hard sport to explain, so I'll just put this video down here so you can get an idea.  The current champ, Bo Leins, showed us the ropes, and was patient enough to show us a trick to two.  Absolutely try it out if you're ever passing through the Motor City.

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