I forgot how hard it is to find a moment to write these things. Van drives blur into rushed loadins, frantic setups, and coldsweat sets.  Then like a tape on rewind, we move in reverse, but this time a little drunker.  Tip the bartender, thank the soundguy, and bring all the gear up wobbly steps into the American night. 

We've been through D.C. and Chapel Hill since the last time I've updated you.  During our gig in DC, we mentioned on stage that we were trying to raise money to get a hotel room for the night.  Josh from the Foglings offered up floor space, air mattresses, good beer, and even better company.  After the show, we hung out in his basement, and swapped around some vintage Gibsons.  He had a J45, and another unidentified Gibson.  Really sweet little guitars... the night melted away as we talked about music, cassettes, vinyl, Daniel Johnston, The Eyelids, and Guided by Voices.  We spent the next morning listening to some vinyl, and enjoying a spread of coffee, fruit and bagels with Josh and his wife Mary.  Around 11 AM, it was finally time to say our goodbyes, and swap hugs and contact information.  And on to Chapel Hill ---- 

Except the van won't turn on.   

So we jump out of the van, knock on the door, say hello to our new friends we have not seen in a few moments, and ask them for another favor.  (We're never leaving) Luckily, Blair Cadden (who we're seeing tonight!) made us take an extra pair of jumper cables she had in her trunk last time we were in Charleston.   So we juice up the van and head south for Chapel Hill -  

- which has been hit with a freak snow storm.  Everything cool in this town was SHUT DOWN.  One of our favorite spots to hit was The Music Loft, which unfortunately has closed its doors since the last time.  We stopped in there the first time we traveled down the east coast in Derek's borrowed pickup truck.  Joey needed an extra cable at the time, and I fell in love with a crappy little Teisco hanging on the wall, that I ended up taking home.  I'm really sad to see this funky little place go - it makes me feel more like a ghost every time I see one of these places fade.   

We played with an absolutely KILLER band, Nathan Arizona and The New Mexicans at The Cave.  All the other acts ended up canceling because of the road conditions, so we largely played for each other, drank cheap beer, and made plans to do it again ASAP.    Check them out if you get a chance - Nathan told me his two favorite bands are The Beatles and Black Sabbath.  That's probably the best starting place for their music, although I definitely hear some Nirvana in them myself: 


See you down the road.

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