Monday morning.  Side of the road, I 95 South, 80 something miles north of Savannah, GA. I just stopped for some road side relief.  I was trying to catch some sleep in the bucket seat, while Sam took the wheel, and Andy rides shotgun.  Unfortunately, I couldn't catch anything plentiful with a bladder full of coconut water.   

We covered 850 miles on a lazy Sunday.  Hull to Woburn ma, (pick up Andy), then to Providence (pick up Sam), then one straight shot down I-95.  I've done this ride a few times, and it feels familiar, almost comforting.  We made somewhat decent time last night, deciding to pull into a rest area around 2 am, after I drove a solid 8 hours straight with only one stop for caffeine.  With nothing earned yet on this leg (no gigs so far), we decided against getting a hotel and nestled our van next to a few big rigs, and got 3 - 6 hours of somewhat restful sleep (depending on who you ask).  I took shotgun, reclining the seat to a still mostly vertical position, and Andy and Sam laid across the remaining bucket seats.  I was not aware the spector of sleep came until cool morning air from an opened van door danced across my face.

The only other adventure of note so far was the great mudscapade of a thawing out Hull.  The Angel of Death dug it's heels into the softening lawn below, and sank deeper and deeper while we pushed harder and harder on the gas pedal.  Luckily, my neighbor actually knows how to do real life skills instead of music and helped us dig her out in no time with the help of his pickup and some old chains.  It was sobering how quickly he could do that, and how long Luke and I spent making the situation worse.  

So, our current plan is to get to Savannah for lunch, and spend the day lazing about before we play.  Merch Girl Amanda arrives by air tomorrow evening before our first show, while Luke stays at home this time around.  

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