Is it Monday?  I think it's Monday.  I thought it was Wednesday for a long time. We are all tired at this point, but no one really wants to go home.  Strangely, the van is starting to feel like home.  I miss my cat, and we've been slowly losing things (my belt and deodorant in Nashville, my guitar picks on the piano bench in Charlotte, and countless things on the floor of the van).  I've realized we packed too much.  I could do almost all of these gigs with my acoustic,  a small tube amp and a delay pedal.  I could have taken less clothes.  Good to know for next time.  

Since I've last checked in with you dear reader, we've played the last two shows of this little run.  It's a drag, because the band is still heating up... I'd love to hear what we sound like after three weeks of this.  The challenge of ever changing rooms and energies has forced this musician into a fight or flight mentality.  The songs are coming alive, and we've reached pretty damn far back in our catalog to satisfy the demands for each situation at hand.  Some of the nights, it's just been Luke and I, duo style.  Kind of the way it was back on King Ave, before we had to worry about IRAs and first time home buyer loans.  And I guess that's the thing I love so much about this; Luke and I are blood, but everyone that comes through this has become family.  Joey, Mike, Andy, Sam, Amanda, Bob, Jerry, Tris, Chris, Seth, Ben, Kate, Sean Mac, Dan Fox...Maybe we should get this strange family of sorts together again.  (Lonesome Family Reunion Festival?) 

After last nights show at Steel String, we made a new friend, John.  He offered us a place to stay, a hot shower, a home cooked meal, good beer and even better company.  Over the course of the evening, we exchanged stories and songs while passing around a few guitars and taking turns at the piano.  We got to know one another pretty well, including his two lovely pups, Red and Luke.  Funny enough, Luke the anxious dog really took to a liking to Luke, the sometimes anxious human. 

So, our plan is to drive The Angel of Death as far as we can this evening.  There's been talk of getting to D.C., NYC, and driving through the night.  I'm hoping to get another update tomorrow, but if I don't have the opportunity, I will see many of you soon.

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