10/4/18 FALL TOUR 2018 - PART 1

I had a lot of anxiety before getting in the van this time ...

Luke and I had every intention of pumping out an album and having a lazy new england summer (our first real break in a few years dash of constant touring, promoting, booking, scheming, rehearsing, writing). The plan was to spend days on the beaches, and nights in the studio, with a real world tangible result of a new record, wrapped and ready to go for public consumption by our current tour.  Like any great plan, we hit a bump or two, shortened our fall tour in response  and came up with a new plan.  Kind of a big one.  But we will come to that in another post.*

We spent the last few days chilling in beautiful Charlotte.  We had a cool show at The Milestone, bought a small bushel of vinyl at Lunchbox Records and chilled at Aloft Uptown in the Epicentre.  Every time we come through Charlotte, we play a few sets at the WXYZ Bar.  We start with a set of Lonesome tunes, and it slowly (d)evolves into us taking requests from our fanbase for a night of hotel lobbiers.  Tom Petty songs sung along in slurry choruses, smudge lines between neighbors, strangers and musicians.  The Aloft Uptown gig and subsequent stay in the hotel always feels like a mini vacation in itself.  (Seriously sick views of the city... Super recommendation if you're ever passing through the beautiful city of Charlotte!)

We're off to Augusta tonight.  I'll update you when I can dear friends!  

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