Holy Moley, its The Big Lonesome Christmas Blog!


So, I got one of those elf things. You know. The one that goes on the shelf. Even though, I've yet to put one on a shelf. So far, he's been on a banana, hanging from a window, and above Luke's bed. (Luke seemed a little afraid of him). 

So why did I buy this elf? What am I trying to prove? Fact is, I've always disliked this time of year. The commercialism, the reminder that you're poor and can't afford all the things you'd like to for your loved ones (because you chose a lower paying career then a janitor. Remember that one Chad? You laughed that off in senior year home room with all the stoners in the back row of Ms. Maher's class. Still funny now, is it?) 

In 2014, I made the executive decision to spend Christmas alone at the fine downtown Boston establishment known as the Tam. Drinks were cheap, they were open, and its “where nobody knows your na-aaame”. I ordered jack and cokes that tasted like corn syrup and dirty draft lines while thumbing through Lunch Poems by Frank O'Hara. I did my best Kerouac impression and drank myself into the christmas spirit while once in awhile scribbling out some half poem/half biographical nonsense (none of it is usable, usually never is in this state; trust me, I checked). 

So, 2016. What's different? Well, the Lonesome was playing a show at Thunder Road a few weeks back. Before our set, I was standing out front talking to a few people. While watching the damp air freeze a threatening layer of ice over cigarette butts and discarded lottery dreams, I caught a reflection painting the street shades of blue and christmas light white. I walked up the street, and there was a 20-something year old walking around with a huge smile on his face, meandering underneath the display. We swapped pleasantries and the like. He told me about how he loves this time of year; he tries to soak it in every time because it passes so quick. Damn... I guess it does. So, I bought an elf. 

So, whether you're drinking alone this year or celebrating something, merry merry, happy happy, and the next rounds on me. 

The Big Lonesome (Chad, Luke, Andy, Sam, Merch Girl Amanda, Vanessa the Van, Lucy the Cat, and Something Clever the Christmas Elf)

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