10:59 AM on a Sunday.  Amanda and I are on a backroad in Charlotte, outside of the Airbnb.  We're waiting for the band to come out, where they slept last night.  Down to the dregs of our earnings, there wasn't enough to put all of us up, so we're taking turns sleeping in the van.  Sam booked the cheapest room he could find ($62ish), and we thought of pleading with the gentleman to let us all just stay, but you could see the anxiety balloon across his face when we gestured towards our van, The Angel of Death.  We  made jokes for a little while about how the dude was probably some sicko and was going to pick the meat off Sam's bones while making Luke and Andy watch.  It Was probably some abandoned house that he broke into to do this when he felt "The Urge".  Then we remembered something... this is how every horror movie starts: this summer.... young adults....traveling... maniac with a blender... indie soundtrack.....cute kitten pictures....The UUUUUURRRRRGGGGGGGE!!! 

So.  Last night.  Wow, what a show.  We played the Evening Muse, late show, Charlotte, NC.  At the beginning of the night, two ladies came up to Sam and I and asked us to rate ourselves on a five star scale.  I gave us a solid five out of five.  Two songs in, she yelled towards the stage "You were right about yourselves!".   

Another thing of note- sometimes when you write a song, you can sort of forget the original emotional reason; not necessarily why you wrote it, but more how you felt when you wrote it.  When we got to the breakdown of Undone, Vermont 2012, (the birthplace of the song), came rushing back towards me, grabbing its hands at my shirtsleeves, and tried it's damnedest to pull me back through every day and every mistake that's happened since.  I teared up during my own line, emotionally mimed hundreds of times since it's last real affect on me - 

All I ever do seems wrong
I don't know what I want  
Only what I need

All my life's a wrecking ball
Changing everything  
I've tried to ever be

For the first time in a long time, I know I'm moving in the right direction.

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