Back in the van!  New rules of the trip:

1) No speeding, (might have to rename The Angel of Death to something more fitting)

2) Everyone listens to music through their own headphones

In my constant commitment to travel through life with as little as possible, I packed a tiny pair of earbuds.  My ears are sore from having them jammed in for seventeen hours while I devoured The Replacements discography on Spotify.  

We drove straight for the most part yesterday, with a pit stop at Tipico Coffee in Buffalo, NY to visit old Lonesome friend Sadie and a hustle up to Niagara Falls.  Around 9 PM, we decided to pullover to grab a bite to eat.  Tour brain is always stupid; not enough sleep, dehydrated, hungry, hungover.  We picked a random diner somewhere near Lake Erie.  We pulled off the highway, and drove 22 minutes to the middle of nowhere, to find the darkened sign of the diner, boarded up for the season.  Luke broke the heavy air of disappointment with the discovery of all discoveries; our foodless detour brought us 45 minutes off our path, and parked us across the street from one of the last standing Fascination buildings in America.  The odds of coming across this, I don't know if words could do it justice.  Our new record, Fascination, is named after one of maybe six other Fascination buildings left, in Hull, MA, close to where we grew up.  It was cool to read about the game - it was always just a strange old building we walked by when we were kids.  Every time we do this, there's always something that reminds me to take more chances, and keep pushing.  Count me as someone accumulating my coupons for a larger prize, (they don't expire).

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