7/19/17 SUMMER TOUR 2017 - PART 1

7/19/17 SUMMER TOUR 2017 - PART 1

Greetings from Columbus, GA!  We're about midway through tour this time around, and no update...  Apparently we're partying too hard (wicked hahd for my friends back home).   

The boys and I have been trying to film a little more video this time, so if you care, check out our Facebook page so catch some live Facebook shenanigans in the van, drunken sidewalk singalongs and whatever stupid thing we keep finding ourselves getting into.  -------> www.facebook.com/thebiglonesome

We've been spending most of of our nights in the van, but I'm writing this from the comfort of the Courtyard Marriot in Columbus, freshly showered and on a steady diet of caffeine and five hours of broken, sweaty van sleep.   

We have had two major highlights so far on this tour, Atlanta and Charleston.  Atlanta was a blast because Luke and I got to meet up with old friend Nick Johnson from so far back its just plain silly.  He sat in with us at the Red Light Cafe, and brought a real unique energy to the end of our set.  You can check that out here https://www.facebook.com/RedLightCafeATL/videos/10155373092411063/ 

After our set, Nick brought us to eat some of the finest tacos these discerning taco connoisseurs have ever imbibed at El Ray.  I will always remember you pork taco.  Until we meet again. 

Charleston... words can't justify it.  We performed an intimate, not amplified set at 5th Wall Productions (old friend Jason Olson's theatre), with new friend Tim Falvey.  We closed it out with my favorite version of Everytown, USA to date - just two acoustic guitars, Tim on harp, and the rest of the band on percussion.  If someone has a video, please, please send it along.  That was pure magic!   

From there, we stumbled over to Tommy Condon's where there was an open mic just closing out.  Tim pulled a big favor and got the bar to stay open for us, where we performed an intimate set of Lonesome tunes to the staff and a few hanger-ons.  It was a really special night with new friends. 

I'll try to get a few more of these up, but make sure to keep checking in on Facebook.  Cheers!

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