Saturday, 7 PM or so.  I'm on the back porch of Shanghai Nobby in St. Augustine, at the very edge of The Bridge of Lions (easily the best bridge name in America).  This side seems hipper than the touristy side of town, and a lot less dense.   

You can always tell when a venue digs what they do or not.  I was immediately met in an open arms from a helpful bar staff, who offered to help us in every way possible.  They took damn good care of us; I could never recommend this place enough to another touring band. 

When Dave, the owner got there, he asked us if we could play later, so he could help drum up a crowd.  Originally slated for 9, The Lonesome took the stage sometime after 11:30 PM or so, with heads full of bourbon and PBR tall boys.  We put Merch Girl Amanda on double duty: door and merch simultaneously.  One of the finer locals decided we were her arch nemesis when she saw that there was a three dollar door cover.  I told her it was just a suggested donation, we were from Boston, needed the gas money to get home, but if she didn't have it, I'd love to play for her anyways.  For some reason, this incited rage in her.  I'll never understand some people... 

After our set, the evening devolved into more PBR, more whiskey, more music, more dancing... I distinctively remember singing Sweet Caroline with Merch Girl Amanda and one of the locals.  St. Augustine, Shanghai Nobby's, thank you kindly for the party!  One more to go, Jacksonville this evening.

Chad GosselinComment