Sarasota!  Absolutely where Macho Man is from, but holy moly folks, Sarasota!  Team Lonesome was limping into this show... spirits were down, we were hungry, we were tired.  Just as beat as beat can get.   

We weren't expecting much at first, until we decided tonight was our night.  Merch Girl Amanda walked around the neighborhood before we played, inviting any and every one to come check us out.  She rounded up a decent, honest crowd of people that all happened to know each other from being working and living around  the few blocks that surrounded the pub we played.  They were merry, and coalesced immediately around a newfound purpose; to hang with a bunch of crazy dudes from Boston, MA who followed where the music took them, now some 1300 miles from home.   

On Friday morning, I had premonitions of selling the van, cutting my beard to a more "professional" length, and admitting defeat.  I could already see myself working middle management somewhere and trying to avoid stories about talking about how "hey Chad used to be in a band!"  I needed this show. We made friends with another touring musician who was much more seasoned than us.  He introduced us to the underworld of DIY booking and a bunch of resources for touring bands.  Friends, whenever things look dark, there is always a path.  I'm a firm believer than I am on the right path, I just need to keep the faith.  

Oh, and dig this!  I met a native born Floridian!  They are basically the unicorns of America.  Here is photographic evidence below:


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