It's Sunday night, and I'm sitting in Dozen Street bar in Austin, TX, listening to the beautiful sounds of the self proclaimed "drunk piano open mic".  I am simply in love with this city.  Every single time I'm here, I just don't want to say goodbye.  

I'm road worn, but FULL of energy.  We played so much music over the last few days... Thursday and Friday were long van drives of trying to keep the van moving, moving, moving to San Antonio from Augusta, GA, sliced up with vignettes of gas station yoga, and a blurry few hours on Bourbon St, where Luke is convinced vampires reside. 

We got to team up with our new life long friend, Ila Minori for all these Texas shows. Our common friend Duggan Flanakin hooked us up a few months back when I mentioned I was trying to get the Lonesome back down to Texas.  Based out of San Antonio, she got us booked there, with an extra stop in Houston.  We repaid the favor with a few shows in Austin and some future shows up in the northeast (Boston friends, this girl is going to knock you dead!)  

So here I am - Lukes at the bar, the band's back at Duggans house, and Ila is crashed out on the couch near the front door - finally broken down from the absolute insanity of the last few days - a midnight set in Houston, followed by a 10 AM set in Austin, a three hour van drive, and two hours of anxious sleep (don't miss that alarm Chad).  I'm sad that this leg is coming to a close - Robbie takes an early flight home on Tuesday, Ila heads back to San Antonio, and Duggan stays in Austin, while the rest of us head north to Fort Worth for our final Texas stop. 

I am so grateful to have connected with so many wonderful people on the road - each town is becoming a strange family reunion of sorts... old faces you haven't seen, hurry hurry, so little time to catch up, time to meet your new cousin, so and so moved, Shane is on tour this time but Josiah says hello... and don't forget to swing by Evans work on the way out of town.

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