"...Where are we?" 

"Somewhere in CT.  You mind taking over?" 

"Sure.  I think we've been here before" 

"They all look the same - welcome to Gas Station, USA" 

And that's how the ride back always go - an overnight dash to make it back home, this time from beautiful Charlotte, NC, some 800 miles in fourteen hours or less.  They become such a blur of Redbull angst, eardrum worn, toe tapping music, and laser sharp focus on the GPS ETA.    

Luke and I closed out the run with a few shows in Charlotte, NC, one of them being at the Aloft Hotel in Uptown.  We were originally scheduled to do a short set, 60ish minutes, but we had so much fun, we stretched it out into roughly three hours of music.  (What can I say, people were listening, and we were having a great time playing music in front of a panoramic view of the city skyline!) 

We originally planned on going out after the gig to see what Charlotte had to offer, but we dug the Aloft so much, we ended up staying in the lobby, sharing a few beers at the bar.  My apologies to the staff - you're all great conversationalists - we could have hung out all night! 

Being down to a skeleton crew to close out the trip, Luke and I made it just in time to the Aloft Uptown to check in, tip the incredibly helpful valets for getting  our gear up to the lobby (thanks guys!), and setup for the show.  We were blown away when we finally made it up the room for the night.  The view was ridiculous.  I was not expecting Charlotte to look so metropolitan.  We usually come into town, and head straight to the NODA district (a few short miles from Aloft) - they have one impressive skyline.  Here's hoping they have us back, it felt like a mini vacation in itself! 

So, we are off for now.  Our next stops will take us through the midwest for a good chunk of the month of May.  Keep up with us on Instagram in the meantime: 


We will be sure to post plenty of pictures of our cats, and maybe a demo or two.  

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