5/14/18 SPRING TOUR 2018 - PART 2

I lost a lot of flexibility this week.  I just tried doing some light parking lot yoga and dynamic stretches.  Things are tiiiiiight.  Getting older Chad...

We've been eating better this week at least.  Ive been trying to stock up on veggies every time I see them available for purchase.  Long drives are fading into the corners of the highway with bitter broccoli mouths and headphones leaking out our own universal truths (Ornette Coleman vs. Sonic Youth... interesting).

The band is still getting tighter, the sets evolving.  Everytown is dead, (Tired Horses maybe?)  Who knows.  The message is road worn....  Besides - i think that the past might finally be away from me.  I feel present.

Chad GosselinComment