5/10/18 SPRING TOUR 2018 - PART 1

I forgot how much tour life has in common with being a dust bowl drifter - I just washed off a flimsy black plastic spoon (probably taken from that time we got BBQ in northern Texas) and passed it off to Seth, who had been waiting to eat dinner.  We’re camping somewhere near the Finger Lakes in upstate New York, and enjoying a fine dinner of Maruchan Instant Lunch and a bag of dehydrated Chicken and Wild Rice Cuisine, (rehydrated of course).  Like any plan good plan, we realized only two people could eat at a time... because we only have two plastic forks.  Rules of the road - don’t throw anything out.  Everything has a purpose.

We’ve played two shows so far, one at The BugJar in Rochester, NY, where we hung out with the owner Bobby until an ungodly hour talking about the west coast psych scene and all the legendary acts that have played on his stage (Frank Black!).  We did a quick and thirty minute set, caught a solid four hours of sleep, and limped back into the van.  (Why is the sun always so bright on those mornings?)

Last night we played The Range in Ithaca with local Ithaca favorites, Kitestring.  Check ‘em out, and the venue for that manner if you’re ever in the area.  Cass has done a really great job of making that room sound and feel killer! 

On to Buffalo - more to come....

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